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Tell me more about your methods.

I offer a compassionate, non-judgemental approach. I have heard too many clients tell me they are grateful to have found me because they felt their previous therapist was judgemental but they feel they can be open with me. I offer a safe space where I not only listen, but I will challenge you to see struggles in your life differently. I offer homework assignments so you can continue to be your own therapist outside of sessions to help you feel better, faster. 

What type of therapy do you offer?

My main focus in therapy involves evidence-based treatment methods. I use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, problem solving therapy (PST), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), components of dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), mindfulness, the Gottman Method for couples, and more. I use a strengths-based approach, empowering the client with their own strengths. Each of these methods are supported by decades of research to show they are effective in treating nearly all of life's struggles. 

Are your testimonials real?

As I do not believe in causing any harm, mistrust, or any false information to my clients, yes, my testimonials are all real experiences of current and previous clients. 

What's your client retention rate? Do people come back?

After all my years in practice I can confidently say I have a very high client retention-rate. None of my clients have left me due to unhappy service. Those who have left have 1) left due to moving states, 2) they improved and no longer need me (I'm happy to say), or 3) if they were cash-pay they couldn't continue to support therapy but still return when they can.

Have you really prevented couples from divorcing?

Yes. My therapy methods have proven successful for those couples that do not want to break up (or aren't sure if they want to), but came in feeling they had no other choice. After sessions involving couples therapy using the Gottman method and other evidence-based treatment methods, individual therapy, and homework assignments for couples to reconnect and feel heard, my clients have improved significantly. Many couples shifted from wanting to break up to finding the happiness they once knew. 


How long are sessions?

Sessions are approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour long. If there is a crisis, or no client is immediately following your session and I feel there is positive momentum in the session, I will extend the time allotted. 

What is client-patient confidentiality in therapy?

Licensed social workers abide by a strict ethical code involving strong values to protect client confidentiality. When you arrive for your initial session you will be provided a packet with detailed information on confidentiality. As a therapist I am a mandated reporter. This means that everything you say in session is confidential, only for my ears, however if you have a plan and serious intent to harm yourself or someone else, or if you know of (and divulge) abuse of a vulnerable population (children, the disabled, the elderly, etc) I am mandated to report this. Note: this does not mean if you express suicidal thoughts I will have to report it.

I have more questions that weren't answered here.

Please contact me via e-mail with any further questions, or call 702-830-9740 and ask to schedule an appointment with Lindsay.